Shoal Bay Receiving Station

Project Details

Client: Commonwealth Government

Timeline:10/07/2020 – 30/10/2020

Value: $1m

Scope of Works: 

This project involved the full replacement of 1800-metre bore water main including installation of a shed structure to accommodate a series of pumps to service a 240KL water tank. Works included installation of another break tank feeding a bank of pumps to UV filters to provide potable water to users of the compound.

This project was situated at Shoal Bay Receiving Station. These works also involved the use of our integrated management systems for the purpose of reporting, monitoring and auditing of our subcontractors as per  our ISO and FSC standards. 

Project deliverables included Inspection Test Plans to ensure compliance with Australian Standards as well as quality assurance. We worked closely with our client to monitor and implement the appropriate rectification measures required for the installation and replacement of the water main. The project truly reflected our ability to deliver key medium to large scale civil hydraulic works for our client.