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Irrigation Installation & Repairs Darwin

Irrigation Systems Make Your Darwin Grass Greener

Living here in the Territory, we know firsthand the importance of protecting our precious water supply. There’s no better way than installing an irrigation system to take care of the garden in the most efficient way possible.

Irrigation Services To Improve Water Efficiency

While irrigation is a great way to improve water efficiency at home, it’s also a great way to reduce your water bill. Our all-inclusive irrigation service can install, maintain and repair existing irrigation as well as making efficiency improvements and find expensive hidden leaks.

Using the highest quality products from well-known brands like Reece and Think Water, we offer:

  • Water Efficiency Assessments
  • New Installs 
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs

Tailored Irrigation Advice & the Right Solution for You

Our experienced irrigation team take the time to get to know your site and soil conditions, your water source, your water pressure and the type of plants you have and then recommend the irrigation system right for you. We want you to get the best from your irrigation system so we’ll even teach you how to use it and maintain it too.

An Irrigation System

We Provide Complete Darwin Irrigation System Installation & Repairs

All Hours Plumbing NT offers a complete solution to all the irrigation Darwin homeowners need.

Whether you’re growing your own vegetables and need to ensure a constant, sustainable water supply, or have a beautiful lawn that needs to be kept in peak condition, the team at All Hours can design and install an irrigation system that’s exactly right for your needs.

Save water, improve the condition of your plants and keep effort and inconvenience to a minimum with one of our economical, effective irrigation systems.

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What Type Of Irrigation Systems Do You Offer?

We can fit and install a variety of irrigation options, depending on your specific requirements. Irrigation systems can be mixed and matched to give the best result. Some of the irrigation choices we provide include:

  • Mini irrigation sprinklers and micro-jets: These are ideal for ensuring smaller areas or individual plants (especially larger ones) have an adequate water supply.
  • Pop-up irrigation sprinklers: These are a great option for lawns, as they can be retracted into the ground when not in use or when the lawn needs mowing.
  • Subsurface drip irrigation systems: These consist of a mesh of piping that sits underneath your lawn. The piping contains small holes that allow water to slowly, but continuously, drip into the soil to provide the irrigation that your plants need. Subsurface systems can be retrofitted into an existing lawn, as well as installed before the turf is laid down.


These are the types of irrigation that we offer most commonly. If you have more specialist requirements, we can usually meet those as well.

Give us a call to discuss your needs in more detail.

What Are The Advantages Of An Irrigation System Vs A Hosepipe Or Manual Watering?

Irrigation systems provide a versatile, economical way to ensure your plants have the water they need, when they need it. Some of the benefits of an irrigation system include:

  • Better plant health: Each plant gets the amount of moisture it needs, factoring in considerations such as time of day, aspect, soil type and the type of crop. Even water distribution across an area of crops is difficult to achieve using manual methods. Even distribution reduces the risk of over- or under-watering.
  • Minimal wasted water: A well-designed irrigation system results in every drop of water being targeted at your plants, with virtually no wastage. Consideration of factors such as evaporation rates ensures that as much water as possible is delivered to the plant roots, rather than landing as surface water which has a high evaporation rate.
  • Straight-forward management: Not only are irrigation systems set up to deliver water at the times when plant take-up is likely to be highest, they can also be programmed to operate at the best time for your plants’ needs. Once set up, many systems can be controlled automatically – perfect for people who don’t have the time and/or inclination to be constantly attending to their plants.
  • Versatile irrigation: Systems can be altered to reflect the changing needs plants have at different points in their lifecycle, accommodate different weather conditions and be changed in response to the seasons.
An Automatic Sprinkler System

Irrigation System Care, Maintenance And Review

Once your system is installed, it may well take a little tweaking to ensure it delivers optimal performance at all times. Maintenance may also be needed to ensure the system continues to work as well as it can.

The team at All Hours Plumbing NT offers follow-up support once your irrigation system is installed. Whether you need maintenance or further information and advice on how to get the best from your irrigation, our knowledgeable, friendly team is here to help.

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