How much is the average water bill in Darwin?

Water Bills in Darwin and Calculator

Water bills are an essential but inconvenient expense, often catching us off guard with how expensive they are, especially in the harsh Australian summer when you are using more than usual. It’s important to make savings for the benefit of your bank account as well as to reduce wastage. Comparing your water bills to the […]

Signs You Have A Blocked Drain & How To Fix It

Bathroom Floor Drain

If you think you might have blocked drains in your home, it’s important to check for these signs and fix the problem as soon as possible. From bad smells to slowly draining bathtubs, make sure you don’t have any plumbing problems by regularly unblocking your drains. Blocked drains are unpleasant, inconvenient and can take a […]

Up-skilling and Training Opportunities

We understand the importance of providing Territorians with the best possible opportunity to learn and develop their skills. At AHBM, we have a range and diverse group of employees from different educationalbackgrounds.These educational backgrounds include the following levels:1) Certificate I, II, III and IV in various disciplines;2) Diploma Certificate in various disciplines;3) Advanced Diploma and […]