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What’s Wrong with Your Toilet?

Toilets can be easy to diagnose if you know what you are looking at, and when you contact a plumber in Darwin these repairs can often be fixed cheaply.

The real trick is knowing what you are looking at, and then telling your All Hours Group plumber exactly what is going on.

Understanding different toilet types

Not all toilets function the same way, and so it is important that you know exactly what mechanics lie behind your toilet.

Gravity toilets use water in the tank to push flushed water through the toilet, and if you have a water-saving toilet, this is your model.

Pressure assist models utilise water pressure to keep air inside the tank, which is released with the flush and assists in cleaning out the bowl.

Once you know which model of toilet yours is, you can then start diagnosing the problems.

Constant dribbling

If your toilet leaks regularly, often in a mild trickle, then the issue is a problem with the fill valve.

Also known as the ball cock, this extremely common issue can require valve replacement.

Intermittent running

This is a leakage problem caused by issues with gravity flow toilets.

Sometimes, the issue is defective toilet balls, and other times it is a build-up of minerals from the water obstructing the valve seat.

Slow flushing

If you have an issue with slow flushing, then the best way to solve this is to completely remove the lid of the tank, and look for water interfering with the cartridge of the flush valve.

If there is water there, then you will need to call the All Hours Group plumber to provide you with a replacement.

A lack of water in the cartridge can mean an even more serious issue, but our plumber will be able to help you.

Not flushing

Another serious issue which is very common in toilets is a failure to flush entirely.

This can mean that there is a problem with your water pressure in pressure assist toilets, or that you have a leak in the tank for gravity toilets.

Checking the tank for water levels, as well as what happens when you press the flush, can give you a good idea of what is going wrong.

Problems you can solve

Sometimes you can’t find a solution to the problem on your own, and this is where you need the help of an All Hours Group plumber in Darwin.

We can help you to resolve any issues with your toilet, so contact us today online, or call an emergency number on 08-8947-3391 now.

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